Check out these recent Value Initiative highlights and accomplishments:

Domain Three: Workforce Pipeline and Life-Long Learning

   SNMMI Launches New Resident and Medical Student Website 
This new site will help showcase the field as appealing to residents, and to promote awareness among medical students exploring future specialties. Its sleek design will provide clear, concise resources, news, and requested information to three main audience segments: medical students interested in the specialty, nuclear medicine and/or radiology residents, and program directors. 
Coming Soon! SNMMI will continue to enhance this new site, including working to provide Program Director resources through this site, and it is currently a forum to share feedback on what tools you’d like to see from the Society.

Domain Five: Outreach

     SNMMI’s Patient Advocacy Advisory Board Visits Capitol Hill
On March 14, members of SNMMI’s Patient Advocacy Advisory Board visited the Capitol Hill offices of 15 senators, 16 representatives, and two congressional committees to educate our legislators on the need for reformed coverage of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals
  New Video Educates Patients on DaT SPECT
The SNMMI Brain Imaging Outreach Working Group’s “What to Expect” video for DaT SPECT offers a step-by-step guide to patients. The video received more than 3,000 views in its first month online. 
  Roadshows Spread the Word about Diagnosing and Treating NETs
The SNMMI Targeted Radioisotope Therapy Outreach Working Group has educated more than 300 physicians, techs, and patients on new developments in diagnosing and treating neuroendocrine tumors through its roadshow, which has traveled to Seattle, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. Next stops: Chicago, Portland, and Albuquerque.