Advocacy Tactics 

  1. Work with other organizations and insurers to optimize reimbursement of current and future agents through the CPT, RUC and Medicare coverage processes.  

  2. Seek legislative changes to have high value radiopharmaceuticals reimbursed appropriately.

  3. Maintain Coding and Reimbursement website for members and their staff.

  4. Become the key organization working with payers and benefit managers for appropriate expansions of coverage and payment. Work with other interested parties to overturn CMS's national non-coverage decision for PET outside of oncology. 
  5. Invite CMS’s Director of Coverage to speak at our Annual Meeting, FDA officials as well and work to host a stakeholder forum with FDA, CMS, and NRC. 

  6. Consistently advocate in legislative and regulatory venues about work that’s being done in the field to foster greater understanding and support of NM/MI work. 
  7. Monitor relevant legislative and regulatory issues at the state level and engage with those bodies as appropriate.
  8. Work to educate FDA and USP through comments on proposed changes and via input at expert committee meetings about the compounding of radiopharmaceuticals.

  9. Focus Congressional contacts on key members of Congress and engage our members in their states or districts. 

  10. Sponsor an event, send communications to the Hill, submit testimony for Congressional Hearing. Consider education programs, and/or an awards ceremony to raise awareness and recognize the work of those supporting pro-NM/MI legislation.
  11. Send SNMMI representatives to meetings monitoring the Mo99 supply situation, report back and consider actions if issues arise. Support additional funding for DOE's expansion efforts.

  12. Submit congressional testimony supporting the NNSA and the funding of new sources.