Value Initiative Newsletter
September 2023

The September 2023 edition of Value Initiative Newsletter brings you up-to-date with the latest developments in the ongoing “tsunami” in radiopharmaceutical therapeutics (RPT) and associated diagnostics. Over fifty companies are currently working on new RPTs. Additionally, the newsletter includes updates on CMS policies, news about patients, quality standards, and much more useful news..

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June 2023

In the June 2023 issue, learn about developments in SNMMI's Mars Shot Program, funding new Innovative Research Grants. Plus, read partner articles including "Bringing a Targeted Radiotherapy to Patients with Advanced Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma." and "Integrating Blood Volume Analysis into the Future of Nuclear Medicine: A Conversation About its Value and Implementation." In addition, you can learn about ways to get involved in SNMMI's Value Initiative Domains.

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January 2023

In the January 2023 issue, learn how SNMMI is Ensuring Quality in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy. Plus, read partner articles on Improved Image Quality with Anatomically Guided Bayesian Reconstruction for Bone SPECT/CT; A Champion of PET Innovation; and Voximetry Torch® Dose Assessment Receives FDA Market Clearance. In addition, you can learn how Holly Lai, MD is leading the Nuclear Medicine Program at CHOC; and answers to the important question: Where Did the Technologists Go? 

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November 2022

In the November 2022 issue, learn about recent accomplishments across key strategic domains. Plus, read partner articles on Increasing the supply of generator derived Ac-225; An Interview with Curium’s Chief Medical Officer, Sakir Mutevelic MD; Heart Failure Society Data Presented Shows 55% Shorter Length of Stay, 56% Lower Readmissions, and 86% Lower Heart Failure Mortality Utilizing Blood Volume Analysis (HSA-I131); Efficient Patient Throughput Performing Cardiac PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with N-13 Ammonia in an Outpatient Office Setting: A Customer Experience; ITM: Harnessing the Power of Medical Isotopes; and 15O-water myocardial perfusion imaging: a practical approach to simplifying the gold standard for approved clinical use. 

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June 2022

In the June 2022 issue, we reflect on the past five years of the Value Initiative, and turn our focus to the future. Plus, read partner articles on HSA-I 131 Test For Blood Volume Shows Benefits in Heart Failure and Critical Care; Overcoming Lutetium-177 Production and Supply Challenges; PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F 18) Injection and PYLARIFY AI™: From Innovation and Regulatory Submission to FDA Approval and Market Adoption; Capintec and Biodex Brands Merge Under Mirion Technologies; a Focus on Actinium-225; What’s the Difference Between Increased Access and Equal Access When It Comes to PET/CT?; How Imaging Advancements Are Helping Cardiologists Prevent Unnecessary Cardiac Catheterizations; A New Process for Attenuation Correction of Myocardial Perfusion Images: digital SPECT scanner technology with Deep Learning advanced applications; and Artificial Intelligence Applications for PET Image Reconstruction. 

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February 2022

In the February 2022 issue we celebrate five years of the Value Initiative. Plus, read partner articles on Nuclear Medicine & AI; How Point-of-Care Imaging is Changing Radiology Departments; Could a Cost-Effectiveness Study Lead to More Appropriate Payment for Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals?; Broadening the Scope of a Pharma Company to the Benefit of Patients; NorthStar and its Future with Electron Accelerator Technology; and how Personalized Dosimetry is Essential for NETs.  

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November 2021

In the November 2021 issue, read interviews with Value Initiative Industry Alliance leaders Terri Wilson and Michael Pintek; explore Practical Dosimetry and the Future of Molecular Radiotherapies; Transforming Cardiac PET Myocardial Perfusion Imaging with N-13 Ammonia; and examine PET Scan Imaging's crucial role in diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease. Plus, learn about prostate cancer patient Paul Gruenberg's personal journey...and more!

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July 2021

In the summer 2021 issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter, explore how SNMMI’s Value Initiative is charting the field’s path from molecules to the universe; take a deeper dive into therapies via a Siemens constructed Value Stream Map (VSM)—generated from interviews SNMMI and Siemens conducted with patients, practicing clinicians, and companies; and hear directly from pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor patient Cindy Lovelace.

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January 2021

In the latest issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter, you'll learn more about how SNMMI is harnessing the power of collaboration to advance the field. Plus, read great articles from Value Initiative Industry Alliance Partners on Radiotheranostics Momentum, 18F-DCFPyL: From Innovation to Regulatory Submission, and Advancing Nuclear Medicine Through Reliability and Innovation, as well as articles and interviews from new Transformative Leadership Circle members.

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August 2020

In the the latest issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter, you'll learn more about "The Value of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in the Time of COVID," get details on the new "AI" Taskforce, and read about early results from a recent PET Imaging survey. Plus, read articles from Value Initiative Industry Alliance Partners on PET Imaging Use During COVID-19; The Future of Dosimetry; and Growing a Research-Oriented Radiopharmaceutical Business.

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February 2020

The latest issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter highlights the vision for "Value Initiative 2.0," and SNMMI's efforts to spotlight the sector’s rapid growth in therapeutics and targeted radionuclide therapy. Plus, read insightful articles from Value Initiative Industry Alliance Partners on topics including: Improving lives through nuclear medicine, Results From a Preliminary Survey on Axumin® (Fluciclovine F 18) Usage, and "Domestic Radioisotope Supply – Driving Solutions for Patient Healthcare Through Innovation, Collaboration and Shared Commitment."

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September 2019

The latest issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter highlights the recent briefing on Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, and H.R. 3772. Plus, read insightful articles from Value Initiative Industry Alliance Partners on topics including: Radioligand Therapy in the Treatment of Cancer; USP <825>; and Why Quality Matters to Quantification.

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January 2019

The latest issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter recaps the significant progress made in 2018, and highlights upcoming initiatives for 2019. In addition, the issue features submissions from Value Initiative Industry Alliance Partners, providing a different and enlightening perspective on the future of the field.

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June 2018

SNMMI created the Value Initiative, a roadmap for dealing with challenges and demonstrating the true value of the field to a broad set of stakeholders—medical students and professionals, industry partners, regulators, patients, and the public. In this first issue of the Value Initiative Newsletter, receive an update on the initiative’s goals and progress.
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